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All underwater photos shown on this site were taken without the use of scuba tanks. These images were captured using only lung capacity.

Coal Oil Point (Devereux)

       At the age of 19, I moved down to Santa Barbara to focus on my college career. Here, the waves were far less plentiful compared to back home in NorCal, so I found myself diving quite a bit more than I used to. It was here off Coal Oil Point, or Devereux as many call it, that I truly fell in love with underwater photography. Just a quick bike ride away from my house, I spent countless hours alone in the kelp beds finding marine life to photograph, and finding peace within myself. 

      Coal Oil Point sees hundreds of people enter its protected waters each week, but despite all the wading, swimming and surfing, I rarely see people diving. This page is dedicated to showcase the immense beauty that lies beneath the kelp canopy, and inspire those who may not have seen it firsthand.

      Hope to see you out there! -Marco

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