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Love Letter

For Kai, Love Marco

Shaping an Edge Gun with ICONOCLAST

Join Mike Wallace of Iconoclast Surfboards as he shapes an edge board, explains the advantages of these Greenough-inspired speed machines, and what makes them work so well in larger waves.


This short film follows Steve Page as he free dives off the Central Coast of California in search of Vermillion rockfish. Get an inside view of what its like to hunt 60 feet below the surface in dark, frigid waters. Shot, directed and edited by yours truly.


Special moments with special people

Mary Clifford, "Toes"

Talented singer/songwriter Mary Clifford (@marycliffordmusic) performs her original song "Toes" in the back of her Jeep on a rainy day somewhere in the mountains above Santa Barbara.

Coal Oil Point Leopard Shark Project

Learn about the research being done on the large aggregation of leopard sharks off Coal Oil Point (Devereux) in Isla Vista, Goleta, California.

ISLA VISTA: Below the Surface

Isla Vista is known for a lot of things; UCSB, sandy beaches, expensive bagels, dirty feet, biking through stop signs, and of course - the partying. Lots of Partying. As many of us know, Del Playa can either offer you the time of your life or just be a complete disaster on any given weekend. But college students aren't the only ones bustling around this town all the time. In fact, Isla Vista is home to one of the most complex, diverse, and biologically productive ecosystems on earth - yet few of us know it even exists. All one has to do is look just off the party-ravaged oceanside balconies of DP, and just below the surface.


Every shot in this 38 minute Blue Planet style documentary was filmed entirely within in Isla Vista. All underwater footage was taken on breath hold, without the use of SCUBA.


Written and Directed by: Marco Mazza

Land and Underwater Cinematography by: Marco Mazza

Drone Footage by: Bowin DeBarros

Music Written, Preformed and Recorded by: Marco Mazza

Edited by: Marco Mazza

Narrated by: Marco Mazza

Environmental Advocate: Sutara Nitenson

NOTE: For an optimal experience, listen with a good pair of headphones or a proper sound system.

Mavericks Dec 17, 2018

A few highlights from a massive day at Mavericks in late 2018

Of The Sea

My first ever film follows the lives of those who find themselves drawn to the edges of the continent in search of something to give greater meaning to their time and experiences here on earth. Witness the drive that keeps them coming back on a daily basis, experience their aquatic adventures firsthand, and learn a bit more about the impacts we have on the ocean and what we can do to help save it. This is the story of those driven to live by the power of the sea.


Shot, directed, edited and narrated by Marco Mazza.


Featuring appearances by Gavin Thatcher, Konrads Wallace, Sutara Nitenson, Talus Carpenter, David Laird, Andy Anderson, and Kaira Wallace. Additional footage by Konrads Wallace, Sutara Nitenson, and Mark Sessler.